If you’re considering property investment, you want to deal with trusted experts.

Property investment is a detailed and often lengthy process that requires time and energy to gain big results. We believe that the more educated our clients are along the way, the less risk and more successful they can be.

We’re proud to share and celebrate our long-term repeat clients’ successes. Below are some of our more recent client success stories:

Dylan & Chan 🏠

“We had been looking to purchase our first home for a while and came across an Oz Property Investment Centre ad on Facebook.
We called and spoke to Oz Property about the first home purchase and that whole conversation was empowering and it felt so possible! That our savings, income and occupations wouldn’t hold us back!
From here, we booked in for a coaching session in Mackay. The whole Oz Property Investment Centre team were all very professional, positive and had a lot of experience. The process was exciting, positive, challenging and it taught us a lot of patience as this all took place during the COVID-19. However, Oz Property encouraged us to trust the and that everything would fall into place. Oz Property handled the process for us from finance to build to insurance.
While we faced delays with materials and supplies, the Oz Property team encouraged us to stay calm, positive and reminded us of our end goal.Signing our contracts, to watching our house get built each week was so exciting and a huge milestone!
To this day we still can’t believe we own our house. We are forever grateful to Oz Property Investment Centre for giving us the opportunity to own our home. It’s been nearly 2 months now. We wake up loving and being grateful for this opportunity that you have given us. It has been a 10/10 experience. We hope to continue to build our relationship with Oz property Investment Centre in the future.”

Jess & Jason 🏠

“Jason and I attended one of Chris’ seminars in Kalgoorlie and it was a big eye opener for us. He really painted the picture that if we didn’t get into the investment game now, we would be stuck in the mines forever. As an ex real estate agent, I knew about the general information about investment properties. However, I didn’t know anything about wealth creation and the facts about the kind of portfolio we would need to obtain to even consider retiring. Chris explained it very simply and outlined the importance of investing.
With all the tools and strategies Chris has taught us, we were able to build an asset base worth over $2 Million, in such a short period of time, with very little money of our own. We now have a diverse, positively geared portfolio, which doesn’t weigh on our pockets or affect our lifestyle, at all.
It was really assuring knowing that we were looked after and getting the best product at the best price. When you don’t know the areas that you are building in, it could be a little scary to take the leap. When it gets explained with basic principles and numbers, it becomes a very easy decision to go through with. Chris never promises something he can’t deliver. He always explains the risks and is realistic with his goals for us. 
Something that really stood out to us was Chris’ dedication. As Jason and I are both FIFO (fly in fly out) workers, we are unreachable a lot of the time. Chris made sure things were still getting done whilst we were away. We were able to reach Chris at any time, to have all our small questions and concerns attended to. A few of our friends have now used this service and he is the same with them; trusting, open and always available.
I have referred all my friends and family to Chris. We are all big fans.”
Started With: 1 Home
Current Assets:
Rental Income: $96,530
Started With: 1 Home
Current Assets: 4 Investments in 2 Years
Portfolio: Approx. $2.5M
Rental Income: $98,245

Justin & Leah 🏠

“Leah and I have been in business for many years and had worked very hard to get ourselves where we were. I ran into Chris by chance, while attending a racing event with my son, Declan. After the meeting my son and I had drinks with Chris and got excited by some of the strategies and ideas that Chris shared with us regarding investing.
It was refreshing to hear someone so passionate and knowledgeable on the subject. While we already have a successful business, we realised that it was time to start setting ourselves up with assets to support our planned future lifestyles. Chris helped us create a strategy to build a substantial property portfolio outside our business that was profitable and self-funding.
After a couple of meetings with Chris we took some of his recommendations to our accountant and legal team. He then helped us restructure our business and personal assets to better protect them and ensure that they were working to their best potential. Chris also negotiated a new commercial premise for our business. He then showed us how to leverage what we had to expand our asset base.
This was not knowledge or a service that we expected when we met him. The coaching that myself and Leah have received has completely altered the way in which we invest and use our money. The level of communication really stood out to us. Our asset base is now self-sustaining and substantial enough to contribute towards our future retirement.
We are completely stress-free and happy with this service. We are excited to continue to grow our portfolio here.”


Shannon Jaques 🏠

“I didn’t think I could afford to invest, until a good friend of mine referred me to Chris. Chris and his team walked me through the process. They made purchasing my first home in Mackay so easy. 
The coaching and service I received through Oz Property Investment Centre was awesome. Everything was taken care of for me. Since buying my home, I now have serious plans to continue to build my asset base with these guys. I feel confident with decisions I make around investing and money, all because I understand it now.
I’d definitely recommend seeing this team before you get into the investment game.”
Started With: $0
Current Assets: 1 Property ($500k)

Started With: $20,000 and no property
Current Assets: 2 Properties in 12 months
Portfolio: $975,000
Rental Income: $39,690



Logan Peake 🏠

“I was recommended to Chris by a close friend. Right from the get go his confidence and professionalism were second to none. I didn’t know a lot about the property market before and Chris explained a lot to me & answered all my questions – without being patronising. I honestly didn’t think I was in a financial place to buy my own home and then starting buying investments, however, Chris made it all possible.
The service and coaching I’ve received from Chris has easily been some of the best. What stood out the most to me is that he went above and beyond what I expected and was always available to talk if I ever had questions about the process. He took everything under control and made the process of getting my first home very easy. I am about to take the keys of my first investment property that Oz Property Investment Centre sourced and then managed the who build process while I was at work.
I would happily recommend Chris & his team to any of my friends looking at getting in to the property market, in fact I already have done so.”

Coby Halpin 🏠

“After meeting Chris in 2015, I was extremely excited to begin my wealth creation journey. For my first investment, I built a duplex. Chris negotiated the terms, so that I was able to put virtually no money of my own in. This investment began performing well, so I went on and purchased another in Brisbane with my partner. 
Using the rules Chris taught us we brought an additional investment property on our own and then Chris found us a cracking property for our Self Managed Super Fund to complete our portfolio.
It didn’t take us long to realise that investing isn’t as hard as we thought. Making money doesn’t happen overnight and you shouldn’t rely on things like the lottery to make you rich.
Unlike most investment agencies, Oz Property Investment Centre doesn’t sell you just anything. All their properties are quality and in desirable locations, so you know that they will perform. 
Recently I sought guidance from Chris when my partner and I were ready to buy a home in Perth. He went out of his way to investigate the property and the builder to ensure we were buying a good product on the right terms.
Chris has exceeded any expectations we had at every stage along the way coordinating the buying, financing, settlement and renting of our investment. Not only has he been an amazing coach, but also consider Chris a great friend.”
Started With: 2 Investment Properties
Current Assets: 6 Properties in 4 years
Portfolio: $2,155,000
Rental Income: $91,166

Started With: $150,000
Current Assets: Home & 2 Investments
Portfolio: $1.2 million
Rental Income: $56,000

Vince Humpries 🏠

“Before my broker referred me to Oz Property Investment Centre, I had no idea on how I was to get ahead. I was always sceptical of investment properties. However, finding Chris was a blessing as he made the entire process easy to understand and ensured I was always comfortable. 
I am confident that the coaching and direction I have been given was genuinely the best. When I met Chris, I had no investments. I had accumulated about $150,000 savings but fast realised in talking to Chris that this was not going to make much difference to my retirement if I didn’t leverage it and get it working for me. With this, Chris was able to get me a beautiful home and an investment property in Townsville and one in Western Australia. 
Between my assets, they are positively geared before tax and cause me no stress. I am now confident that my financial future looks brighter and am no longer sceptic. I would highly recommend his services to anyone.”


Hamish & Amanda 🏠

“We thought owning our own home was beyond reach until we met the team at Oz Property.
With a high amount of debt and messy financials due to being a sole trader, two local mortgage brokers skimmed our financial circumstances and gave us the tired line of ‘reduce your debt and save a deposit’. Refreshingly, the team at Oz Property took more time to get to know our unique circumstances and were determined to get a mortgage over the line for us. Their positivity made us believe for the first time that owning our own home was achievable.
They coached us on property ownership and investment strategies while guiding our financial steps. The bank we had been with for a decade rejected our first application, but Oz Property used their network of specialist brokers to gain approval with a different bank. They helped us with grants available and guided us through the contract stage. Building a home during the pandemic also presented its share of challenges due to material and labour shortages, but Oz Property constantly checked in to see how progress was going, it felt as though we had a partner alongside us for the full journey.
From initial meeting to house handover, it took two years. Their commitment to seeing us achieve our goal of home ownership has pulled us out of a cycle of perpetual debt and finally we have escaped the rent trap. Our new home is beautiful and thanks to some guidance on added value inclusions, a recent valuation put our home more than $100K above what we paid to build it. We couldn’t be happier. Stepping into the Oz Property office has changed our lives and we are grateful to Chris and the team for their knowledge and passion.”
Started with $0.
Current Assets: 1 Property



Danny Naidoo 📈

“I have known and worked with Chris Ruck for several years and have been working with Oz Property Investment Centre since 2019. Chris has an extensive network of referral partners in the industry, including finance specialists, accountants, legal firms, builders and property managers.
Over the years, Chris has referred several valued clients to my business. He knows his clients very intimately and who trust him explicitly with all their investment needs. Most of his clients tend to be repeat customers and purchase more than 1 property. 
Through constant research and analysis, Chris is always ahead of the property market cycles and trends ensuring his clients of the best property opportunities. Chris greatest strength is his communication skills and keeps all parties to the transaction on the same page.  
I have no hesitation in recommending clients who are seeking property investment opportunities.”

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