Oz Property Investment Centre are the first and only local property investment specialists on the ground in Townsville and Mackay that educate and empower people to create wealth through property investment. Have you tried investing in property before but didn’t see results? Do you have a current investment strategy that delivers financial freedom? We are here to help you with answering these questions and much more. All you need to do to build a property portfolio diverse and big enough to support your dream retirement is start.


An interesting fact

95% of everyday Australians will fail financially. Why? Because we have been raised and hypnotised to fail. Get a good education, get a good job, work hard for your money, buy your own home and work until we are 67 years old. This is known as the rat race. Almost all Australians will retire with insufficient funds for many reasons, but mostly because they adhere to this style of living. To build your wealth and be able to retire financially free, you will want to invest your money. Investing allows you to put your money where it has the potential to earn strong rates of return. One way is through property. If you don’t invest, you are missing out on opportunities to increase your financial worth.

What we do differently

At Oz Property Investment Centre each asset is carefully assessed and chosen as part of the implementation of a bigger picture, with the performance and safety of your overall property portfolio as the priority. At Oz Property Investment Centre, you can sit face-to-face with a real person rather than surfing the endless misinformation on the internet. Want to know more or start now? 


Let’s start building your wealth today!


We are here to connect you with a team of industry experts, with one focus in mind. You.

We educate and empower people to create wealth through property investment.

Whether you are looking to create or grow personal wealth, our team of professionals are here for you. At Oz Property Investment Centre, we combine decades of experience with a century of investment statistics and trends to bring you strategies designed for safety, simplicity and ultimately high growth performance. Our proven strategies give our investors a significant advantage in their pursuit to create real wealth through property.


Marketers and Real Estate agents are only interested in selling you a property they have on their books, often influenced by what makes them money, normally in their local area. Through our established connections nationwide, including over 500 developers across Australia, we bring together the best investment options for you. We use a highly accurate selection processes that takes into account the right timing in the property cycle, the right location and future projections on demand in the area.

"We have helped hundreds of everyday Australians begin their wealth creation journey and achieve things that they never thought was possible."

Meet one of our many success stories

Jason and I attended one of Chris’ seminars and it was a big eye opener for us. He really painted the picture that if we didn’t get into the investment game now, we would be stuck in the mines forever. As an ex real estate agent, I knew about the general information about investment properties. However, I didn’t know anything about wealth creation and the facts about the kind of portfolio we would need to obtain to even consider retiring. Chris explained it very simply and outlined the importance of investing.


With all the tools and strategies Chris has taught us, we were able to build an asset base worth over $2 Million, in such a short period of time, with very little money of our own. We now have a diverse, positively geared portfolio, which doesn’t weigh on our pockets or affect our lifestyle, at all.


It was really assuring knowing that we were looked after and getting the best product at the best price. When you don’t know the areas that you are building in, it could be a little scary to take the leap. When it gets explained with basic principles and numbers, it becomes a very easy decision to go through with. Chris never promises something he can’t deliver. He always explains the risks and is realistic with his goals for us. 


Something that really stood out to us was Chris’ dedication. As Jason and I are both FIFO (fly in fly out) workers, we are unreachable a lot of the time. Chris made sure things were still getting done whilst we were away. We were able to reach Chris at any time, to have all our small questions and concerns attended to. A few of our friends have now used this service and he is the same with them; trusting, open and always available.


I have referred all my friends and family to Chris. We are all big fans. 

Jess and Jason

Mine Workers

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