How does an everyday Australian become a multimillionaire?

Sound too good to be true? – it’s not!
Oz Property Investment Centre are hosting a FREE Property Investment Seminar, where you can learn the secrets to building real wealth that will lead you towards an early retirement and financial freedom.
You can learn the secrets of how the rich get richer!
In this seminar, we will cover:
  •    The key principles to creating wealth through property.
  •    Breaking the Cycle – the truth about why 95% of Australians
       will retire without enough money to live.
  •    How to build a property portfolio “Big Enough to Retire On”
       in just 5 years.
  •    Understanding property cycles.
  •    Using other peoples money to make money!
  •    Using equity to drive your asset base.
  •    Positive vs Negative geared?
  •    New vs Old property.
  •    Developer vs Investor models.
  •    How to avoid costly mistakes – learn what areas to invest in and
       when to invest.
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What kind of life do you dream of?

Oz Property Investment Centre exists to empower and enable everyday Australians to fulfil on what most people only ever dream of, true financial freedom.


At Oz Property Investment Centre, we combine decades of experience with a century of investment statistics and trends, to bring you strategies designed for safety, simplicity and ultimately high growth performance. Our Think Smart Strategies give the investor a significant advantage in their pursuit to create wealth through property. Marketers and real estate agents are only interested in selling you a house, often decided on what makes them money! At Oz Property Investment Centre, each asset is carefully assessed and chosen as part of a bigger picture, with the performance and safety of your overall property portfolio as the priority.


Through the Oz Property Investment Centre initiatives, you have access to property agents, developers, finance companies and Builders throughout Australia to bring a complete one stop shop for all your property needs.




Build a larger, profitable, diversified asset base - FAST

Oz Property Investment Centre will create for you a large, stable, profitable and diversified asset base using property as the backbone. What is best is we will show you how to do it SUPER FAST. Why take 20 years to do what could be done in 5 or 10 years?  Everyone can do it! This is not reserved for the rich and you can do it on a much smaller income, or with less savings than most people think. 


How do we do it? Read on…

Make your dreams a reality and book to see the team at Oz Property Investment Centre today!

We educate and empower people to create wealth through property investment.


The team at Oz Property Investment Centre invest many hours in the sourcing, negotiating and building of property portfolios for our clients. Each identified property is designed to fulfil its position in the overall strategy to achieve Financial Freedom as early as you can.

We focus on “counter cycle” mindsets and implementation strategies to connect our client base with intrinsic market value for best passive income streams.


Our point of difference

Our people are local, with our first branch located in Mackay, QLD. We’re here, on the ground, and available to meet face-to-face. 
We use analytics + data from trusted, reliable sources.

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