There are over 100 important metrics in considering the right property for your circumstances; price, location, market timing, property type, local industry drivers. We make informed decisions with up-to-date reports from industry leaders including Hot Spotting, Core Logic and SQM to name a few. 

This is dependant on a number of factors including credit rating, current assets, job type and security. No matter where you are on your financial journey, we can provide advice to get you lending ready.

We can usually work around this! Come in and have a chat.

We consider all aspects when putting together your investment plan to ensure that you are fully educated, aware and covered for all incidentals. There are no stones left unturned and you go into the process with your eyes open and fully involved at every stage.

Definitely not. However, by relying on the age-old method of purchasing a house to live in and pay off, you are guaranteed to struggle during retirement. One property at a cost of $500,000 has a repayment period of 20-30 years and a return that will unlikely see you with any money in your pocket past the initial year. It’s your choice.

From connections to finance, insurance, legal and the properties/markets themselves, we’re involved in every step. We don’t believe in simply selling a property and leaving you in the dark to manage it (we’re not realestate agents) we form life-long relationships to help you at every step along your journey.

The current estimated population in Australia is 23M. 
The expected population in Australia by 2050 is 40M.

Where are they going to live?


Most of the population coming to Australia will centre around our capital cities and no less around our major regional centres – which are the powerhouse economies and job creators for this great country of ours. 


The current average income is $75K/year.

The projected future household income in 2050 is $360K/year!

What does this do for affordability and compatible property prices?

In 2015, the average new house and land package was approx. $450K (this is significantly higher in the major cities)

In 2050, the average new house and land package in your new emerging outlaying suburbs could be in the vicinity of $1.9M. Yes, that’s correct! Young families could be investing $1.9M+ to get into a new home in 2050 and it is likely that these homes will be smaller than homes being bought today.  

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