The Process

From first-time investors through to clients with advanced investment portfolios, our repeat clientele engage our services for short and long-term periods, depending on individual needs. Our client relationships are built on our core values of trust and transparency, which we stand by in everything we do.


We take pride in delivering an honest, genuine and long-lasting service, with an unwavering commitment to support at every stage. We do this by following the below process to educate and empower our clients to achieve their dreams through investment:


We invest in our clients to arm them with in-depth education and knowledge, backed by independent trusted sources. Investors often make poor decisions and statements without the complete knowledge of how property investing works, what to buy and when to buy. Financial success relies on in-depth knowledge and understanding. This, in turn, reflects in the financial gains that we see from clients using the Oz Property Investment Centre services.


Design a plan with the end in mind

We design a backward engineered strategy with our clients goals in mind. The desired outcomes, e.g. how much financial wealth and by when, guides the direction and intensity of the strategy. Every clients journey and situation is unique – whether the end goal is to bolster equity or maximise tax deductions, we help our clients build diverse portfolios across a range of locations throughout Australia.


Sourcing the right investments

We seek out information and data from reliable market research companies such as Matusik, CoreLogic, Biz Schrapnel, SQM & Terry Ryder. However, our strategy is to identify long-term infrastructure and growth potential, rather than identify current ‘rising markets’ like many other companies. Along with our local buying agents, we source information from federal and state development plans, reports and future forecasts. We consider all aspects to keep you informed on the markets across Australia – including key drivers such as population growth, economic growth and land availability.


Settlement/Build Process

We will oversee the entire process to ensure your workload is decreased, as stress free as possible and that you are involved in the entire process. We do this to ensure that you do not sign anything without understanding it completely, that everything is in the correct order of operations and is working in your best interests.


Portfolio Management

Once you become one of our valued clients, we also offer ongoing portfolio management. We watch over your investments and their growth, ensuring they are performing adequately and seeking out other opportunities to invest again.

We have helped hundreds of everyday Australian's begin their wealth creation journey and achieve things that they never thought possible.

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Additionally, we source the best possible land, builder and plans to maximise capital gain and rental return. The correct purchase can provide good profit and be cash-flow positive for subsequent investments.



We manage our clients’ investment from plan through design, finance (correct finance structures are critical), construction, insurance and then right through to finding the correct tenant. Our clients instruct and drive us, however we handle all the time-intensive sides of things. We understand that life is very busy and we work hard to remove the pressure of juggling the smaller details.



Our clients receive regular reviews of their portfolios. At minimum, we provide an annual maintenance and assessment service. However, in the accumulation phase (the period when an asset base is built) we are in regular contact with our clients to keep them informed. We are always looking for opportunities and growth opportunities for existing portfolios e.g. is the rent fair, what is the current value, do we have spare equity to use, are there under-performers that should be sold etc.

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