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Who Are We?

We exist to empower and enable everyday Australians in fulfilling their goals. To achieve financial freedom, we do this by providing the most current and powerful property investment strategies available today.

We combine decades of experience with a century of investment statistics and trends to bring you the Oz Property Investment Centre strategies designed for safety, simplicity and ultimately high growth performance. Our Strategy gives the investor a significant advantage in their pursuit to create wealth through property.

Financial Concepts Not Advice

Our purpose is to demonstrate financial concepts, using historical trends, averages and general information. When you become a client, OZ Property Investment Centre will design your own personal strategy, based on your specific circumstance and financial goals.

If any advice is required, OZ Property Investment Centre will direct you to the relevant qualified people who can provide such advice. We strongly recommends you seek independent advice from you own financial advisors before investing.

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Financial Success

What Does It Mean To You?

How much do I need to Retire

To create a passive income of $50,000, you will need an estimated $1,000,000 net worth.


To retire with an income of $100,000 p.a you will need to accumulate an asset base worth at least $2,000,000.


This is a general formula to use as a guide only.

Our Strategy Focus A Property Centric Model
  • Focus on low risk & high yield investments
  • Use strategies demonstrated over decades and centuries
  • Follow the latest in market trends
Based on facts not theory

Objective of Investment Properties

Historically the right properties have increased in value on average 6.8% per annum across most decades.

This results in property historically doubling in value every 10 years. However not all property will perform this good.

The secret is knowing the right properties, right time and right location to achieve this goal

Why Property?

Risk vs Returns

Low Risk
High Returns
Proven Track Record

Risk vs Returns

Low Risk
High Returns
Proven Track Record

Risk vs Returns

Low Risk
High Returns
Proven Track Record

Old VS New


Limited Depreciation
High Maintenance
Poorer Rental
Too many unknowns


Easier Equity Boost
Better Rental
Lower Maintenance Costs
Maximum Depreciation
Builders Warrantees
Build It How you want

Financial Failure

Reality Check

Most people will never be financially free

They will be dependant upon the pension, their family or the charity of others

Current Statistics

Only 3-5% of Australians will accumulate enough wealth to achieve financial freedom

The average superannuation balance for curren  retirees (65-69 year olds) is only around $80K (ABS 2012)

Why Do So Many People Fail?

Common Reasons

  • Fear
  • Apathy
  • Misinformation
  • Lack of knowledge
  • Failure to plan or implement

Hypnotised to Fail

  • Get a good education
  • Get a good Job
  • Work hard for your money
  • Buy your own home
  • Work until 65

The Rat Race

Driving Assets Using Other People’s Money

Bank’s money (loan)  $1M

Investment Income (e.g. rent)

Tax Man’s money (tax benefits)

Property vs Other

Shares / Managed Funds

$100,000 @ 7% = $7,000 / year


Property Cycles

What Causes Capital Growth

  • Population Growth
  • Proximity to amenities
  • Economic Growth
  • Land Supply
  • Affordability
  • Interest rates
  • Average Incomes
  • Comparative prices

Asset Accumulation

Basic Investment Model

Start with $100,000

Investment relatively low risk assets

7% compound interest

Invest for 10 years Interest Earned

When to Buy

The Financial Marketplace Where to Invest?

Property Cycles

Perception and realityare out of sync!

There’s More than One Type of Debt

Understanding Debt

Bad Debt

– Value

-Financial Impact

-Depreciate OR Consumed


Personal Debt

Pay After Tax

(No Tax Benefits)

E.G. Cars, credit cards, Consumables

Good Debt

+ Value

+ Financial Impact

+ Value increases at a greater rate than the interest paid


Investment Debt

Pay Before Tax

(Numerous Tax Benefits- Tax Deductable)

E.G. Investment Property

Correct Property Selection

Right Time Buy Low, Sell High!

Be Fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful

 – Warren Buffet.

Correct property selection

Right Location

Oz Property Investment Centre conducts research Oz wide and favour areas that provide the following: Areas providing maximum return on investment (ROI) Long term population growth areas Land Locked, High Demand, Scarce Locations Low vacancy rates (Limited Supply/High Demand)

Correct property selection

Right House

Designed and built to rent Greater appeal to renters Lower vacancy rates Less maintenance Higher rental returns and capital growth

The Three transitions  to wealth creation


building your asset base to a size sufficient to sustain your long term financial/retirement goals.



STOP BUYING, then sit on you assets and wait for the capital growth and rental growth to reach a point that allows you to retire.


Retirement – This is where you live off the income OR equity in your portfolio.

Oz Property Investment Centre

Smart Strategy Rules

Build for profit every time

Build for positive gearing Balance negative geared properties to get the ultimate in tax effectiveness, safety and capital growth.

Diversify into multiple region  to withstand regional downturns

Build to withstand 3% interest rise

Accumulate as fast as you can


Perception and reality are out of sync!


The “time in” is more important than timing

Time In VS Timing


The “time in” is more important than timing


You’ll never be able to get the timing100% right


Statistically assets will double in value over time, regardless of when you first bought them


Another way: It will double in value regardless of who owns it!


If you keep waiting for the “right” moment you might just miss creating your chain reaction all together!

Managing Risk

  • Guaranteed safety is an illusion
  • Avoiding risk by doing nothing crystalizes a problem!
  • The biggest risk is doing nothing!
  • You can’t avoid risk – just manage it
  • Create a strategy that contemplates the risks properly

Oz Property Investment

Centre Safety Rules

  • Stick to mainly low risk investment
  • 80,000 population plus
  • Diversity in economy
  • Strong reliable economic growth and population projections
  • Make sure your portfolio can survive without you i.e job loss, tragedy
  • Able to withstand a 3% interest rise• Stick to you plan – Don’t keep going. Get your LVR down as quick as possible
  • Consider fixing loans – locks in profitable state
  • Finance firewall your assets
  • Build a bigger, diverse portfolio
  • Insurance
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