Australia Wide Property Research

Australia Wide Property Research

There is a complete Oz Property Investment Centre investment property checklist applied over the research completed by our expert team.
Property selection requires attention to the following:

Positive Equity on completion of each purchase – allows you to lend against the asset to buy the next.

Wholesale Property Edge prefers properties with a minimum 10% equity gain or higher.

Positive Cash Flow at all times – This insulates you against loss of jobs and means you are not required for your portfolio to survive

Tax effective – with good selection of property design and finishes will ensure good depreciation benefits to offset income whilst keeping a low maintenance timeless asset that will age well.

Geographical Spread Portfolio – A diverse range of property spread across high performing areas
throughout Australia ensuring maximum capital growth and a good spread of risk.

Sourcing the Right Investments – Oz Property Investment Centre sources information and data from serious market research companies such as Matusik, SQM & Ryder, Core Logic, and other data providers. However, we use them to identify infrastructure and growth probabilities long term, not to identify current “rising markets” as typical Marketing Companies do. Oz Property Investment Centre has a specialist acquisition team that sources stock in each state
and across Australia – mostly off market. Deals that are then offered exclusively to Oz Property Investment Centre clients – all with a Guaranteed Valuation Assurance.

Oz Property investment Centre spends many hours each week researching federal and state development plans, reports and future forecasts. This is probably the most labour intensive part of our job. Australia is a big place and you want to make sure you are buying in the best areas at the time you are buying. What is that property going to do in the 5, 10, 15 and 20 years to come? This must all be considered, not just what is happening right now. We research looking for key drivers such as population growth, economic growth and land availability. Once we decide of the areas to invest, we will then source the best possible piece of land and match you with the best builder and plans to get the maximum capital gain and rental return. 


Our team has been in the property game for many years. In the property space there are lots of middle men. Oz Property Investment Centre cuts out the middle men and therefore costs. If you buy overpriced property or have the wrong house for the block, you will retard the strategy effecting equity, capital growth, and rental return and then holding costs! On the other hand, the right purchase can see you with good profit on completion that you can use to buy your next investment immediately AND will be cash-flow positive in an area that most people don’t get to buy! In many cases we can get land in unique spots that the consumer will never be able to get.

Investment Property Selection Process

  • Extraordinary Value + Terms, Yield & Potential Growth
  • It makes money
  • Valuation Guarantee
  • Infill Sites, Scarce locations – Land locked or soon to be land locked
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