Considering an investment property?

Real estate is a crowded market and expert guidance is necessary to identify a smart investment versus a quick sale. We simplify the process with the knowledge, insight and education to know ‘what’ to look for and ‘how’ to get it.


We believe that ‘knowledge is power’ – we create personalised plans supported by statistics, trends and high growth performance indicators, with the intention to guide our clients to sustainable wealth through property investment.


We have a long-term interest in creating a property portfolio with our clients. With investment statistics and trends, along with a decade of practical experience, our local specialists cover every aspect of the property investment journey including connecting with Property Agents, Developers, Finance Brokers and Financiers, Builders and Property Management entities across Australia.

“Rapid results from responsible actions”

It is possible to create a sustainable, profitable and growing asset base using property – believe us, we speak from experience. However, there is more than one way to create profit from property and both ways require in-depth research and market evaluation.

The two most common and effective ways to grow wealth through real estate is through development and investment.

We’ve further defined these below.



The intention of a developer is to buy land, build a property on it and sell for a profit. In this model, it is critical that the property is developed below market value, that the land is purchased at a competitive rate and built at a low enough rate to guarantee the property value exceeds costs. Once completed, the property is sold and the profit is used to start the process again.




An investor purchases a property within a good location, then rents it out and holds it for a long period of time. The profit comes from capital growth over time and rental income, especially based on increases over time. Usually the investor will purchase from the developer.

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